459 Krawler

The “KRAWLER” is built for an off-highway adventure. The Krawler’s frame is built of 2″ x 3″ .120 wall steel tubing. Equipped with heavy duty Old Man Emu leaf springs and 9-way adjustable Rancho RS9000XL shocks, the teardrop rides on a 3500-lb. axle with 10″ electric brakes. The tongue can accommodate a front storage box and two 5 gallon fuel/water can holders. Axle hubs are can be matched to your tow vehicle’s wheels and tires.

The Krawler’s cabin is built with a reinforced rib system to combat the extra stresses endured when traveling offroad. Add some bedding and a cooler and you’re ready to head out for adventure. A 4″ thick full size mattress provides plenty of sleeping space for two adults and the cabin is outfitted with an AM/FM/CD radio, cabin light, 12v outlet, cubbies, shelves and cupholders.

The galley comes standard with the same kitchen found in our on-road trailers, including a 2-burner propane stove mounted in a sliding drawer with nested sliding utensil drawer. A Group 24 deep cycle battery provides 12v power, and an on-board 3 stage marine charger with external shore power keeps the battery healthy while in storage.

The standard configuration is ready for almost any trek, and we can customize each trailer to meet your specific needs and concerns. Need more room? Check out the XS—same features, but 6″ wider and 10″ longer.

459 Krawler—Specifications
Body Length 109.5″
Overall Length 163″
Cabin Width (inside) 53″
Overall Width 80″
Cabin Height (inside) 44.5″
Overall Height 71″ (30″ Tires)
Bed Size 4″ x 53″ x 78″
Galley Counter Height 47″ (30″ tires)
Galley Hatch (open height) 85″ (30″ tires)
Ground Clearance (at frame) 20″ (30″ tires)
Tongue Weight ~160 lbs
Trailer Dry Weight 1250 lbs

Note: specifications are subject to change without notice.