509 Sierra

The “SIERRA”—like all of our teardrops—is an American-made, aerodynamic, go anywhere compact travel trailer designed to provide relaxed cooking and sleeping quarters for two. The Sierra’s added width provides more spacious sleeping quarters, larger storage and food preparation areas in the galley, and represents an excellent choice for a luxurious camping experience.

509 Sierra—Specifications
Body Length 109.5″
Overall Length 156″
Cabin Width (inside) 59″
Overall Width 80″
Cabin Height (inside) 44.5″
Overall Height 65″
Bed Size 4″ x 59″ x 78″
Galley Counter Height 40″
Galley Hatch (open height) 78″
Ground Clearance (at frame) 15″
Tongue Weight ~130 lbs
Trailer Dry Weight 1020 lbs

Note: specifications are subject to change without notice.